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18 Year Old Me & An Inconvenient Truth

It was 2006. Two years out of high school. I went to the movies to go see Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth. The movie shared scientific data that determined that the Earth is in fact affected by human activity. I remember seeing the footage of giant glaciers melting, devastating wildfires, hurricanes, snowstorms, flooding, and coral bleaching. I left in tears with the imprint of polar bears swimming continuously in search of another large enough glacier to rest and hunt on. I wanted to do something! I wanted to inform. I knew not everyone would be open to watching a movie put together by a politician, but every human who shares this same home with me, needs to be informed!

Now at 18 years old, I was pretty limited in terms of cash flow, connections, and let's be real... no social media voice like we have today! I think back that if we had Tiktok or Instagram during my feisty, passionate, younger days, what would I have done? I would have learned even more with all the readily available information at our fingertips. I would have shared what I learned. I would have created a community to help get these messages out and not only inform, but spark change!

What I did try to form was an informative park concert. In my town we have the cutest little stage by the river, where small concerts, plays, festivals, and even in the summertime, movies are played there. My boyfriend at that time had a brother, who's band was on the up and coming. They were soon to be the band playing at the wedding of Ben Stiller's character in a movie. They also had covered a song 'Somehwere Over the Rainbow' that was featured in the opening scenes of another movie with Marisa Tomei and Donnie Wahlberg. They are from Hawaii, and I remember every time we visited, their music would be playing at different businesses there and everyone knew who they were. So, no need to mention, these guys put on such a good show!

I had visions of sharing the science and evidence behind Climate Change by fusing it with an awesome fun filled concert. I felt this would be a gentle way to expose everyone to the information, and once we are all informed, we can make change! Easy right? LOL! I then had to try to get them on board to play a concert by the river. Thankfully, some of the band members were definitely open to the idea! What was next, organize reservations for the park? Put together a slide show of some sort? Become an MC? Then try to get people to attend? Well, as a broke college student of 18, with little resources, like the social media we have today, I didn't get too far.

Then like it inevitably does, time went on. I had to find a career, start a family, work and pay bills, figure out who I was and how I fit in this world. The passion was always there, I just lacked serious resources. So, here I am, almost 20 years later, hopefully making my 18-year-old self proud. I hope to gently inform and inspire people to take the environments needs seriously. I hope we can all get on board to make changes, big or small, so that our kids and their kids have a beautiful planet to live on like the generations before us did.

I want to share some images of melting glaciers, just to show the negative impact we had over the years on these massive ice giants. This is not intended to make you feel bad, it's purely to inform you that the impact of humans on the planet is real. I know we are not going anywhere, so my hope is through informing, we can learn to make changes that work with nature, not against it. Learn to adapt and accept that there are scientists and engineers out there that have developed amazing tools and innovations that could help minimize our footprint on the planet.

For more info on the melting of Alaska's Glaciers, check out this site:

This video is mind blowing!

This blog writing is all somewhat new for me, but I am looking forward to being able to share my thoughts, insights, as well as my hair care products with you! Please subscribe with your e-mail to be informed of any new blog posts and product releases. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my site.

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