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EARTH DAY!!! Celebrate Earth and try your first shampoo bar!

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Hello! My name is Brighty and I have been a hairstylist for close to two decades. In the past year I decided to start my own haircare line. My goal is to limit the amount of plastic as much as possible in my packaging and also make products luxurious enough to get people to really start making the switch to more eco-friendly products.

I am sharing the release of my first shampoo bar! I have learned a lot over this past year and I am so excited to be able to offer you this plastic free shampoo!

My rose scented (literally smells like fresh roses!) Shampoo Bar is officially available! You can order from the online store by clicking below, or if you are in the Reno NV area, skip the shipping costs and stop by HALO Salon (7675 S. Virginia St. #B Reno NV 89511).

To celebrate Earth Day I am offering a 20% discount until April 25th! Use the code EARTHDAY20 at checkout to get your discount.

I think the coolest thing about these bars is that they just gently melt away while using over time... leaving absolutely no plastic or footprint behind. The second coolest thing about these bars is the PLANTABLE PACKAGING! The recycled paper boxes the shampoo bars come in contain little seeds. You get to plant the box and watch your herbs or flowers grow!

I just think it is so silly that we have all of these plastic bottles everywhere... especially products we use once, or only for a few months like shampoo. Did you know if half of Americans made the switch to shampoo bars that would save 225 million plastic bottles from being thrown away. I do mean to say "thrown away" because the actual amount of plastic that actually gets recycled would shock you. Under 9% (and that's being generous) of plastic that we place in the recycle bin gets recycled. So, basically all of that recycling we think we are doing... we are not.

So here is my challenge to you! Give a shampoo bar a try! You can try my There She Rose Bar or try any others that are out there. I have been using my bar for the last 8 months and I absolutely love it. I wear hair extensions and only wash my hair every 5-7 days, using dry shampoo (mine's coming soon! eeek!) in between washes and love the clean I get from my bars. My hair gets so soft and shiny and it actually makes my naturally wavy hair become more wavy! It takes a few hair washing sessions to get used to shampooing with the bar but I seriously can't see myself ever going back to regular shampoo.

Here is a link to my Youtube video on how I use my shampoo and conditioner bar...

I know change is hard, so my suggestion is to take baby steps. While just starting out making the switch, follow your shampoo bar with your regular conditioner. Once you get the hang of using the bar to shampoo then you can start using a conditioner bar (The There She Rose Conditioner Bar is coming soon as well!).

Let's celebrate Earth Day by using less plastic! Let's start doing more to be the change we want to see in the world!

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