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Mushroom Plastic???

Have you heard the news? WE CAN MAKE "PLASTIC" FROM THE INCREDIBLE ORGANISM THAT IS FUNGI... FUN GUY? Sounds like the most fun guy I could ever imagine! Plastic has become one of the Earth's and the Human Races' most damaging parasites. It has gotten into our Oceans, our food, our water, our animals, even our own blood streams. If we can find a replacement that still contributes to the convenience that plastic has provided us, LETS IMPLIMENT IT!

There's a company in New York called Ecovative that has developed plastic alternatives from one of the most intriguing living organisms on the planet. This innovative company has discovered how to produce items for packaging, home insulation, fiberboard for furniture, even a surfboard!

Check out the company and their process here:

These base materials are derived mostly from the fibrous structure of the mushrooms known as mycelium. Mycelium can be grown and recycled, as opposed to being drilled, pumped, refined and discarded, like plastic manufacturing does.

Sign me the f*%k up!!! We've got incredible innovators working hard to find solutions to give our planet a fighting chance as well as providing a brighter future for our upcoming generations. It's up to us to get behind these world changing innovators and support them. As an ongoing effort to get every single retail company on board with using biodegradable and sustainable packaging, I have provided a sample letter that you can use. Just fill in the blanks and email it away! Using our voices and our wallets are our biggest weapons in this fight to make change. Please commit to a few minutes to send one e-mail to a company that you love but would like to see them make packaging changes. I have e-mailed WayFair to inform them that there are other options out there other than Styrofoam. I have purchased furniture from this company and the amount of Styrofoam that just breaks apart and is not only messy and a pain to clean up but it's so challenging to properly recycle.

Let's inform the companies we order products from that we are ready for new packaging innovations!

Copy and paste the following to form your own e-mail to help get this ball rolling!

“Dear (if you know their name) or to whom it may concern,⠀

I really enjoy your (product name) because (why you enjoy it), but I am concerned about the packaging used. While it may have the benefit of (state a good quality) I would love to see an option that is (improvement you want to see- reusable/refillable/compostable/recycled materials, etc.).

Amid concerns over plastic pollution and the climate crisis, I and many other consumers are aware that only 9% (or even less) of the world’s plastic has been recycled and we have an urgent need to reduce our dependence on oil-based products and packaging.⠀

I have seen (list other options) do (what you would like to see), which would be a great idea considering there isn’t (what makes the product unique) (what you want to see) on the market yet. ⠀

Not only do I believe making a change would increase your customer base, but it would show us you care about the planet and its people’s voices.⠀

I look forward to hearing your response!⠀

(Your name)

Thank you for joining me and I hope you continue to learn about all of the amazing things people are doing for our planet and for our future generations. Each and every one of us can make a difference!

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