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"What will you do without freedom?" -William Wallace, 'Braveheart'.

I know, I know, I bet you're thinking, what the hell does this quote got to do with this eco-blog? EVERYTHING!

I watched Braveheart for probably the 100th time in my life the other weekend. If you have never seen it, and you have any Scottish or Irish in your roots, it's a must see! While watching and quoting every genius line (quotes that have been ingrained into my brain since childhood, especially the quote from the seemingly crazy Irish man... "MY ISLAND!". You can watch it here... his face LOL gets me every time!

While watching the movie, I couldn't help but be enthralled in the passion I witnessed upon my TV screen. All of these Scottish and Irish men going to battle to regain control of their freedom.

William Wallace just wanted a peaceful free life. He wanted to start a family and spend the rest of his days with his childhood love. The English not only threatened the future of all of the Scottish, they attempted to rape, and successfully killed Wallace's new bride. This set out a vengeance in him. His wits and bravery attracted many followers who all decided to fight for their lives, their freedom, and Scotland's future.

Historically humans have fought wars over land, money, power, etc. What happens when ALL of those things that you have fought over are gone or threatened? Who will fight then? Will you fight for your clean air for your children to breath? Will you fight for food that isn't poisoned or unable to grow because of the land we destroy? So, I ask, in my sorry excuse for a Scottish accent, "What will you do without freedom?".

I feel we need to see things in other ways in order to understand the severity and the threat that is upon our planet's future. Political parties should not be on opposing sides when deciding the fate of our planet. PERIOD. We have a lot of change to make, and we all need to fight together. If you aren't really familiar with the science behind Climate Change or don't believe in it because your favorite politician told you not to be concerned, please go and educate yourself. There are tons of documentaries, books, shows, peer-reviewed scientific journals. I know I am no scientist (and neither is that political leader), so I put my trust into the scientific community to educate me, and I hope you will too. What do you have to lose? Maybe an hour of your life? Maybe you will learn something, maybe you won't, but it's my belief its best to be informed than not be informed at all.

There are scientists, innovators, and brave leaders (people like William Wallace) fighting for change every day. I hope my comparison of being a freedom fighting Scot and a freedom fighter for the future of our planet is clicking. I know it's a silly comparison, but I was inspired watching William Wallace give his life for freedom. I hope I have even a smidge of his bravery to help fight for the future generations and to help protect and heal our only home.

We have so many intelligent and compassionate humans working day after day to come up with solutions to repair the damage our species have caused the planet. Let's stand with them and use our voices to share the true ingenuity that is coming from these brilliant minds.

I am definitely on that battlefield! What about you?

Only way to be truly free is to protect and fight for the one planet that we live on. In my poor Irish accent... "Earth... it's my island".

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