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Your Complete Guide to Using and Choosing the Perfect Menstrual Cup

Hello, lovely readers! Today, we're delving into the world of menstrual cups – those eco-friendly, wallet-saving wonders that have been making waves in the period game. Whether you're a newbie or just looking for some tips, we've got you covered on how to use a menstrual cup and find the one that fits you like a glove. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Choose Your Cup

The journey begins with finding the perfect cup for your body. Menstrual cups come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, so it's essential to do a little research. Factors like your age, flow, and whether you've given birth can influence your choice. Some brands even offer a "starter" size for those new to cup usage. Check out online guides and reviews, and don't be afraid to reach out to fellow cup users for advice. Personally I have had a really good results with using The Pixie Cup.

Step 2: Get Acquainted

Okay, you've got your cup. Now, let's get acquainted! Start by thoroughly washing your hands and the cup with mild, unscented soap. Rinse it well to ensure no soap residue remains. Most cups also suggest doing an initial sanitizing by boiling them for a few minutes as well. Alright! Let's do this! – you're about to embark on a journey of comfort and sustainability!

Step 3: Find Your Fold

Folding your cup is key to its successful insertion. There are a few fold options – the "C-fold," "Punch-down fold," and "7-fold," to name a few. Experiment to find the one that feels most comfortable for you. The fold should make the cup smaller for easy insertion.

Step 4: Insertion

Now comes the moment of truth! Sit comfortably on the toilet or stand with one leg lifted. Gently separate your labia with your free hand and slowly insert the folded cup into your vagina at a slight angle. It should sit lower than a tampon but still comfortably within reach.

Step 5: Unfold and Rotate

Once the cup is in, it's time to let it do its magic. Hold the base of the cup and gently rotate it to ensure it's fully unfolded and sealed against your vaginal walls. This creates a leak-proof seal that will keep you worry-free throughout the day.

Step 6: Removal

Remember, practice makes perfect! When it's time to remove the cup, relax and take your time. Gently squeeze the base to release the seal and pull it out slowly. Be cautious not to rush – you want to avoid spills. Empty the contents into the toilet, rinse the cup with water, and you're ready for the next round!

Pro Tips:

- Patience is Key: Using a menstrual cup might feel a little awkward at first, but don't give up! It might take a cycle or two to get the hang of it.

- Stay Relaxed: Tension makes insertion and removal more difficult, so take a deep breath and stay calm.

- Stay Hygienic: Remember to wash your cup with soap and water before and after each cycle. Some brands also offer sterilization methods, like boiling.

- Be Patient with Sizing: If your first cup doesn't feel right, don't be discouraged. It might take a bit of trial and error to find the perfect fit.

- Consult a Pro: If you're having persistent issues or concerns, don't hesitate to consult a healthcare professional.

Congratulations – you're now a menstrual cup aficionado! Remember, this switch is all about comfort and sustainability. So, give yourself a high-five for making a positive change for your body and the environment. Happy cupping!

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